Sunday, December 29, 2013

Accessori maglia...

Ho lavorato con gli stessi colori del cardigan postato il 25 dicembre, degli accessori da abbinare. Due cappelli e una borsina. Il modello del cappello e' uno nuovo, mai realizzato da me fino adesso.
Posto delle fotografie con questi accessori:

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cardigan in lana e cashmere...

Ho realizzato con filati marca Alizee, filati prodotti in Turchia, un cardigan in lana e cashmere. Lavati rimangono sempre belli e asciugano veloce. Bisogna, pero', lavare il capo con detersivo per lana.
I bottoni sono in legno disegnato. Il filo lilla e' cashmere, invece il filo beige e' lana.
Tutti i miei modelli sono unici, lavoro sempre modelli che, a mio parere, stanno bene con il filo che uso.

Qui' posto delle foto con il cardigan lavorato:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Looking for Santa...

Sara and Matei went to find Santa. But they put on nice warm clothes as Matei suggested they should use his hang-glider and the wind blows hard up there. Sara covered her head with grandma Lucia’s twister, but not before painting it a little as it was too sad. She coloured it in red, her favourite. Matei put on dad’s helmet; he would be safe from cold and his ears wouldn’t fall off, he thought. They put on their warm woollen socks and loaded the hang-glider with a lot of butcher’s broom, as Sara wanted to decorate it first. She wouldn’t want to begin their quest for Santa unprepared. Matei was not very happy as the leaves stung his tush, but then he noticed how beautiful their vehicle was decorated like that. Sara was right! She knew it from her mother that butcher’s broom was beautiful for Christmas, as mother used to lay chocolate and butcher’s broom leaves underneath the Christmas tree and when Sara wanted to taste the sweet temptation, she used to get scratched until she finally had some. With the same brush that she used to paint grandma’s twister, Sara wrote Merry Christmas up on the vehicle, so that anyone could see. In red, of course...
- Let’s go, Matei, we are ready now! Will you wear grandpa Claude’s goggles?
- Sure I’ll wear those, they fit me perfectly! Matei laughed.
Sara grabbed grandpa Claude’s binoculars, she knew it would help her see far away and she thought she would have to use them very much not to miss Santa. And because this was a secret quest, no one knew they had organized something like that. Nobody would have allowed them if they had known. This was a venture of their own and they knew that when Santa came into discussion, everything was covered in mystery, no one would tell them something clear about him, so they should go and find out for themselves. They were curious to see the place where he lives and from where he has brought so much chocolate.
So, let’s go! They climbed the hang-glider, Matei at first and then he helped Sara. Sara was well muffled, she could hardly move. But she held firmly grandpa’s pair of binoculars as she wouldn’t want to loose it. She was curious to check how far she could see with it. They buckled up and Matei started to operate the grips of the hang-glider, it drew a few circles and then started to move forward, speeding up. It finally took off. For an instant their little hearts stopped beating, they remained breathless. How beautiful everything was and the clouds were so close!
- Wow Matei, it is so beautiful up here! Sara said.
- Yes, beautiful indeed, but I can feel my nose freezing, Matei answered.
- Hold on and keep the altitude so that we can see everything around, not to miss Santa by any chance, Sara added.
- Right, yes, I am paying attention to the controls and the sun starts to warm up the tip of my nose, Matei said.
Their houses were left behind and they couldn’t see them anymore; they were surrounded by clouds. Sara was amazed, she saw rabbits, giraffes and lions but she also seemed to see Minnie in the clouds. And she held the binoculars close to her eyes to make sure whether that was Minnie or not. Matei also wanted the pair of binoculars, but he couldn’t have it as he was busy with the controls of the hang-glider. It was good that he couldn’t feel the stings of the butcher’s broom, or maybe his tush was a little frozen, he couldn’t figure that out either.
The vehicle flew smoothly, brrrr brrr brrrrr, and the farther they flew, Matei started to feel more confident. Sara started to sing a song: don't ever be lonely, remember, I will be there, she heard it on the internet one night when her father played it for her and she simply loved it! Matei was listening, wandering and thinking: what is Sara singing? He couldn’t understand and he wondered if Sara could, but it sounded nice and he ended up saying nothing. He would have preferred to hear a Christmas carol as they were looking for Santa, but that would do, too. Sara stopped singing and watched again through the binoculars. She seemed to have noticed something red very far away. She could not be wrong; she knew very well how red looked like. Ah, she almost slipped out because of the surprise as far away she could see a red sleigh with a lot of reindeers that was simply flying. She could not see very well who was in that sleigh but the sleigh was loaded with lots of packages.
- Matei, watch out, I can see a sleigh far away, pay attention as we are speeding and we wouldn’t want to have an accident. Take care, slow down and then we can ask the good man who he is. If he is Santa, we shall ask him to join us down to the children, Sara said.
- But mother and we have already decorated the tree; he should drop by as we all wrote a letter to him. I cannot write but I drew a puppy, as I want to play with it. Sasha wrote, too, but I couldn’t understand what that was. Irena only left her handprint on the letter and I don’t know the meaning of that. Then mother told us we should behave for Santa to visit us, but I also did some naughty things but I am going to tell Santa I was a good boy, Matei said.
- Now, Matei, I also drew on the walls and I also broke mother’s favourite flowerpot, but I am also going to tell Santa that I was a good girl. Now that we found him, I wouldn’t want to lose him. But I am sorry for the pot, father even got upset with me and now I wouldn’t want to lose grandpa Claude’s binoculars as he needs them at work. It is fine, Matei, I won’t tell mother. I’ll only tell aunt Luli, she knows how to keep our secrets. She told me yesterday that Sa…Santa was hiding somewhere and no one knows where he comes from. This is why I wanted you to join me in this venture, as I don’t have cars or planes, but you do, you have always got this kind of presents. If Santa asks our names, I’ll tell him I am Snow White. What name will you give him?, Sara asked.
- Tish-ho, I think I caught a cold; I don’t want my mother to be upset because she will send me to the dark room again if I don’t listen. I shall tell him my name is Tchoupi, I heard Sasha mentioning it and I liked it, but I don’t know who he is. But, Sara, how shall we greet Santa? Matei wondered.
- We’ll say Snowed white flowers1, Santa, we came to find you! Sara said.
- Ooooo, look, he is coming near, I am very curious. Matei, look at his white beard and the reindeers, how beautiful they are!
- O ho hoooo, my beloved, but where to by the hang-glider? Aren’t you cold? Your noses are red! Santa noticed.
- Dear Santa, I am Snow-White and my friend is Tchoupi. We went to find you and take you with us, but we are frozen as we stood up here looking for you. Matei, look, there is a cute little puppy by the Santa; ask him to give it to you! I wrote a letter to you, Santa, asking...
- Let’s go down, children, or you will catch a cold and you won’t be able to sing Christmas carols anymore. We’ll drop by your houses and then we’ll see about that, ok? Santa asked.
- Hurraaayyyy, Sara said, very well Santa, in this way aunt Luli can also see you! Such a pity that aunt Tuni cannot see you; she is looking for you, too, but she went in Africa to find you there, Sara answered with sadness.
- But, Santa, there is something else I want to ask you, Matei said. Tell mother I was a good boy or else, she will punish me and send me in the room in the attic, Matei added in a feeble voice.
- Fine, my darlings, but you must promise me you will be good and obedient! Santa said.
Slowly, slowly, both Santa’s sleigh and Matei’s hang-glider started their landing. Matei was puzzled as it seemed that his vehicle landed by its own, but he imagined it was more due to his frozen hands. Anyway, he was getting tired and he wanted to sleep. But he was making efforts to stay awake and see what Santa has for him.
Once landed, Santa got off his sleigh and unbuckled them. Then he grabbed his sac and they all entered the house. Sara’s mother had tears in her eyes as she was looking for Sara and she couldn’t find her. Matei’s mother was angrier, but she tried to remain calm. But they were both astonished when they saw Santa with their kids.
- Ho ho hoooo, I’ve brought back your children that I found in the clouds in a hang-glider and I have also brought some presents for the good kids and for the needy ones. There is a colour book for Sara together with a warm winter jacket and there is also a puppy for Matei.
- Hurrraaaayyy, Matei shouted, thanks, Santa. May I kiss you? And he kissed Santa on his cheek.
- I want to kiss you, too, Santa, Sara said running to him. Will you, please, bring some presents to our cousins in Italy, too? A doll for Irena and a lot of presents for the children at the kindergarten, a book for Luli and a lot of health for my grandma...
- Sure, Sara, right now I am going to give presents to all the children, even to the children in the Philippines, Santa said. It’s time we said good-bye and we’ll keep it our secret, as we agreed. Can you promise me that? Santa added.
- Yesssssssssss, the children answered, we promise; come next year too! Pleeeeeeease!...
Hearing Sara talk in her sleep, mother went by her bed to see what was going on. Sara had a dream and she was a little nervous. Besides, it was morning already. She opened her eyes, looked at her mother and jumped out the bed:
- Mother, Santa came! I mean, Matei and I went to look for him. Come in the saloon; he is here, he is here!
Mother couldn’t understand a word but she followed Sara in the saloon. There were some gifts under the Christmas tree but no Santa. Sara looked around, looked behind the armchair, around the tree; she even checked the balcony, but no sign of Santa.
- Saaanta, don’t hide, come out so that we can see you, Sara smiled, but no one answered. Mother told her that she had had a dream of Santa, but Sara wouldn’t believe that. She kept saying:
- But I saw him, I was with Matei in his hang-glider and our noses were frozen. And Santa’s sleigh was loaded with packages.
Mother smiled and encouraged Sara:
- Sing a song for Santa if you saw him, and Sara started to sing:
Oh, Grey-haired, Santa dear
Through the snows he came to us
And he brings a lot of presents
To all boys and girls around, Saaaaaaaaaanta Claus, Saaaaaaaanta Claus...

Ulica. All rights reserved. It is strictly forbidden to use or copy all or part of the text without prior written consent from Ulica.

1 Referring to a traditional Romanian Christmas carol, Florile dalbe (Snowed white flowers).

Thank you Sinza Simona Gabriela for the translation!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

In cautarea lui Mos Craciun...

Sara si Matei au plecat sa-l caute pe Mos Craciun. S-au imbracat bine, insa, pentru ca Matei a propus sa mearga cu deltaplanul lui, iar acolo sus bate rau vantul, Sara si-a pus pe cap gogoasa bunicii Lucia, dar inainte de asta a colorat-o un pic cu pensonul ca era prea trista. A colorat-o cu rosu, asa cum ii place ei. Matei a luat casca de motociclist a tatei, s-a gandit ca asa e ferit de frig si nu o sa-i cada urechile. Si-au pus sosonii de lana in picioare si au incarcat multe ramuri de ghimpe paduret pe deltaplan pentru ca Sara a vrut intai sa decoreze, nu voia sa plece asa cu deltaplanul nepregatit in cautarea Mosului. Matei nu prea era de acord pentru ca frunzele de ghimpe il intepau un pic la fundulet, dar apoi si-a dat seama ca e tare frumos asa deltaplanul. Avea dreptate Sara! Stia ea de la mama ca ghimpele paduret este frumos de Craciun, mama punea sub brad ciocolata si frunze de ghimpe imprejur, asa ca atunci cand ciocolata ii facea cu ochiul Sarei, se cam zgaria pana reusea sa ia una. Cu pensula cu care a vopsit si gogoasa bunicii, Sara a scris pe deltaplan sus, sa se vada bine, Craciun fericit. Tot cu rosu, bineinteles...
- Hai Matei sa mergem, acum suntem gata! Iti pui ochelarii de la bunicul Claude?
- Da, sigur ca ii pun, imi vin de minune! incepu sa rada Matei.
Sara a luat binoclul mosului Claudiu, stie ca vede departe cu el si s-a gandit ca trebuie sa cerceteze zarea cat mai des ca sa nu le scape Mos Craciun. Si mai ales pentru ca escapada asta e secreta, nimeni nu stia ca ei au organizat asa ceva. Nimeni nu i-ar fi lasat daca ar fi stiut. Dar asta era o isprava doar a lor, iar ei stiau ca atunci cand se vorbeste de Mosul, totul era invaluit in mister, nimeni nu le spunea ceva clar despre el, asa ca ei au decis sa afle singuri. Erau curiosi sa vada unde sta si sa vada de unde aduce el atat de multa ciocolata.
Gata, la treaba deci! Au urcat pe deltaplan, intai Matei, apoi i-a intins mana Sarei. Sara era infofolita rau, abia se misca. Dar tinea bine binoclul mosului, nu voia sa-l piarda. Voia sa vada cat de departe se vede daca se uita prin el. Si-au pus centurile de siguranta, iar Matei a inceput sa actioneze manetele deltaplanului, acesta a facut cateva rotatii pe loc, apoi a inceput sa mearga inainte si prindea tot mai multe viteza. In sfarsit, au inceput sa se ridice. Inimioarele lor nu au batut pentru un moment, erau fara suflare. Ce frumos era totul, iar norii erau atat de aproape!
- Wow Matei, este asa de frumos aici sus! spuse Sara.
- Daaaa, este frumos, dar simt ca mi-a inghetat nasul, ii raspunse Matei.
- Tine-te bine si mentine altitudinea, asa incat sa putem vedea de jur imprejur, sa nu il pierdem cumva pe Mos Craciun, mai spuse Sara.
- Da, da, sunt atent la manevre si soarele deja imi incalzeste un pic varful nasului, spuse Matei.
Deja nu se mai vedeau casutele lor, erau inconjurati de nori peste tot. Sara era uimita, vedea iepuri, girafe si lei, dar i se parea ca o vede si pe Minnie printre nori. Si tinea bine binoclul la ochi ca sa se lamureasca daca era ea sau nu. Tare ar fi vrut si Matei binoclul, dar nu putea sa-l tina, el era ocupat cu manetele deltaplanului. Bine ca nu mai simtea intepaturile ghimpelui, ori poate ca ii inghetase un pic funduletul, nici el nu mai intelegea.
Deltaplanul torcea linistit, brrrr brrr brrrrr, iar cu cat mergeau mai departe Matei se simtea mai sigur. Sara a inceput sa cante un cantecel: don't ever be lonely, remember, i will be there, il auzise ea pe internet cand il pusese tata intr-o seara si tare i-a mai placut! Matei asculta si se mira, se gandea: ce canta Sara? El nu intelegea si se intreba daca Sara intelegea, dar suna bine asa ca nu i-a spus nimic. Ar fi vrut sa auda un colind, ca doar plecasera dupa Mos Claciun, dar era bine si asa. Sara a incetat sa cante si a pus binoclul la ochi. I s-a parut ca in departare a vazut ceva rosu. Nu putea gresi, rosul ii era bine cunoscut. Ah, mai sa alunece jos din cauza surprizei, acolo departe vedea o sanie rosie cu mai multi reni care zburau, pur si simplu. Nu reusea sa vada bine cine e in sanie, dar sania era foarte incarcata cu multe pachete.
- Matei, ai grija, vad o sanie in departare, fii atent pentru ca noi mergem cu viteza si nu vrem sa facem un accident. Ai grija, redu viteza, apoi il intrebam pe nenea cine este. Daca este Mos Claciun, il rugam sa vina cu noi la copii jos, spuse Sara.
- Dar noi cu mama am facut deja bradutul, ar trebui sa treaca pe la noi pentru ca i-am scris cate o scrisoare. Eu nu pot scrie, dar i-am desenat un catel pentru ca vreau sa ma joc cu el. Apoi si Sasha i-a scris, dar nu am inteles ce. Irena doar a lasat amprenta mainii ei pe foaie si nu stiu ce inseamna asta. Apoi mama ne-a spus ca trebuie sa fim cuminti, altfel nu vine Mosul, doar ca eu am mai facut ceva nazbatii, dar o sa-i spun Mosului ca am fost cuminte, spuse Matei.
- Ei Matei, si eu am desenat pe pereti si am spart un ghiveci cu florile preferate ale mamei, dar si eu o sa-i spun Mosului ca am fost cuminte. Nu as vrea sa il pierdem, acum ca l-am gasit. Dar imi pare rau pentru ghiveci, tata chiar s-a suparat pe mine, iar acum nu as vrea sa pierd binoclul mosului Claudiu pentru ca stiu ca are nevoie de el la fedici (servici, nota mea). Lasa Matei ca nu te spun mamei ca nu ai fost cuminte. O sa-i spun doar matusii Luli, dar ea stie sa tina secretele noastre. Mi-a spus ieri ca Mos se ascunde undeva si nimeni nu stie de unde vine. De asta ti-am propus tie escapada asta pentru ca eu nu am masini sau avioane, insa tu ai, ai primit mereu cadouri de astea. Daca ne intreaba Mos Craciun cum ne cheama eu ii spun ca ma cheama Alba ca Zapada. Tu ce nume ii spui?, il intreba Sara.
- Hapciuuuu, cred ca am lacit, nu vreau sa ma certe mama pentru ca iar ma trimite in camera intunecata daca nu ascult. Eu ii spun ca ma numesc Tchoupi, am auzit ceva la Sasha si imi place numele, dar nu stiu cine e. Dar Sara, cum il salutam pe Mosul? intreba Matei.
- Ii spunem Florile galbe (nota: dalbe) Mosule, am venit sa te cautam! spuse Sara.
- Ooooo, uite ca se apropie, sunt foarte curioasa. Uite Matei ce barba alba are si renii ce frumosi sunt!
- O ho hoooo, dragii Mosului, dar unde ati plecat cu deltaplanul? Nu va este frig? Aveti nasurile rosii! spuse Mos Craciun.
- Mosule drag, eu sunt Alba ca Zapada, iar prietenul meu este Ciupi. Noi am plecat sa te cautam si sa te luam cu noi, dar am cam inghetat aici sus tot uitandu-ne dupa tine. Matei, ia te uita, langa Mosul sta un catelus tare dragut, roaga-l sa ti-l dea tie! Eu ti-am scris o scrisoare, Mosule, si iti ceream...
- Copii, hai sa coboram pentru ca voi o sa raciti si nu o sa mai puteti canta colinde. Trecem pe acasa pe la voi si apoi mai vedem, bine? spuse Mosul..
- Uraaaaa, spuse Sara, este foarte bine Mosule, asa te vede si matusa Luli. Pacat ca nu te poate vedea si matusa Tuni, si ea te cauta Mosule, dar ea s-a dus in Africa sa te caute, raspunse trista Sara.
- Mosule, dar te rog ceva, spuse Matei. Spune-i mamei ca am fost cuminte, ca de nu, mama iar ma pedepseste si ma trimite in camera din pod, spuse incet si Matei.
- Bine dragii Mosului, dar sa imi promiteti ca veti fi cuminti si ascultatori! spuse Mosul.
Incet, incet, atat sania lui Mos Craciun, cat si deltaplanul lui Matei au coborat spre pamant. Matei era mirat pentru ca i se parea ca deltaplanul merge singur acum, dar probabil ca i se parea din cauza ca ii cam inghetasera manutele. Oricum, deja i se facuse somn si voia sa doarma. Dar incerca sa ramana treaz ca sa vada ce ii da Mosul.
Odata ajunsi jos, Mosul cobori din sanie si le desfacu centurile de siguranta. Apoi isi lua sacul si intrara toti in casa. Mama Sarei avea lacrimi in ochi pentru ca o cautase pe Sara si nu o gasea nicaieri. Mama lui Matei era mai mult furioasa, dar incerca sa ramana calma. Dar in momentul in care l-au vazut pe Mos Craciun cu copiii au ramas mute de uimire.
- Ho ho hoooo, am adus acasa copiii gasiti printre nori cu deltaplanul si am adus ceva cadouri pentru copiii cuminti si cei in nevoie. Pentru Sara am adus o carte de colorat, o geaca groasa de iarna ca sa nu inghete, iar pentru Matei am adus un catelus.
- Uraaaaaa, striga Matei, merci Mosule. Pot sa te pup? si il pupa pe Mosul pe obraz.
- Si eu vreau sa iti dau un pupic Mosule, spuse Sara, si alerga si ea la Mos Craciun. Mosule, te rog sa duci ceva si la verisorii nostri din Italia, o papusa pentru Irena si multe cadouri pentru copiii de la gradinita, pentru Luli sa aduci o carte, iar pentru bunica multa sanatate ......
- Sigur Sara, acum o sa merg sa duc tuturor copiilor cadouri, chiar si celor din Filipine, spuse Mosul. Este timpul sa ne salutam si, asa cum am vorbit, totul sa ramana secret. Imi promiteti asta? spuse Mosul copiilor.
- Daaaaa, raspunsera tare copiii, promitem, promitem, sa vii si la anul Mosule! Te rugam! .....
Mama a auzit-o pe Sara ca vorbea in somn si s-a dus langa patutul ei ca sa vada ce se intampla. Sara visase ceva si era cam agitata. De altfel, se facuse deja dimineata. A deschis ochii mari, s-a uitat la mama si a sarit din pat:
- Mamaaaaaa, a venit Mos Claciun, adica eu m-am dus sa il caut cu Matei. Vino in salon, este aici, este aici!
Mama nu intelegea, dar o urma in salon. In salon sub brad erau cateva pachete, dar nici urma de Mos Craciun. Sara se uita de jur imprejur, il cauta dupa fotoliu, dupa brad, se uita chiar si pe balcon, dar nu era nicaieri.
- Hai Mosule, nu te mai ascunde, iesi sa te vedem, surase Sara, dar nimeni nu raspundea.
Mama ii spuse atunci ca ea a visat pe Mos Craciun, dar Sara nu credea. Spunea:
- Dar l-am vazut, eu cu Matei eram cu deltaplanul si ne-a inghetat nasul. Iar Mosul era cu sania plina de pachete.
Mama zambea si ii spuse Sarei:
- Canta un cantec pentru Mos Craciun daca l-ai vazut, iar Sara a inceput sa fredoneze:
Mos Craciun cu plete galbeeeeee
a sosit de prin nameti
si aduce daruri multe
la fetite si baieti, Mos Craciuuuuuuuuuun, Mos ClaciuuuuuuuUUUUuuuun......
Text: Ulica (copierea si multiplicarea acestui text este interzisa)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christkindlesmarkt a Biberach an der Riß, in Germania...

Sono stata a novembre per quasi un mese a Biberach an der Riß, nel Baden-Württemberg, Land che si trova nel sud-ovest della Germania. La città è attraversata da questo piccolo fiume Riß. Biberach si trova a 152 km da Monaco di Baviera e l'aeroporto più vicino è a Memmingen, a 30 km dalla città.
In questa zona vi si trovano varie industrie dove lavorano moltissimi stranieri: turchi, polacchi, romeni, indiani, serbi e croati. Tra le più importanti il gruppo Liebherr, Handtmann e l'industria farmaceutica Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals.
Dopo la Riforma protestante del XVI secolo, i rappresentanti della città sono sia cattolici che protestanti. Difatti anche la chiesa gotica di San Martin costruita tra 1337 e 1366, la chiesa principale della città, è un luogo dove cattolici e protestanti svolgono le loro funzioni religiose in modo simultaneo.

Ogni anno prima di Natale si organizza Christkindlesmarkt, cioè il mercatino di Natale. Sono stata a visitarlo anche io e ho fatto delle fotografie, anche se il tempo non è stato molto favorevole. Posto quì le foto che ho fatto in questo periodo che ho passato in Germania:

Questo signore lavorava a maglia. Faceva calzini con una lana speciale e usava 5 ferri come ai tempi della nonna. Ho parlato un pò con lui, ma parlava poco inglese. Comunque, metteva tanta passione in quello che faceva ed era sorridente. Per me è stata una cosa insolita perché non ho mai visto un uomo lavorare ai ferri.

chiesa di San Martin

Il presepio è tutto lavorato in legno con personaggi a misura d'uomo. Bellissimo! Le pecore andavano in quà e in là, guardavano un pò la gente, un pò la scena del presepio. Accanto alla mangiatoia c'e del fieno per un asinello che ogni tanto veniva e mangiava oppure batteva le zampe. Tutti i bambini venivano a vedere l'asinello e le pecore che animavano questo presepio del mercatino di Natale a Biberach.